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Extended Family Vacation

Extend your trip exploring the scenery of the American Southwest. Relax and experience the small-towns hospitality and be ready for incredible experience such as mountain biking, hiking, four-wheel driving or river trips. Have fun on the Las Vegas Strip,  cross the famous suspension bridge that spans San Francisco Bay via bicycle and relax on the beach or go shopping on the Walk of Fame of vibrant Los Angeles.



Trip Infos

  • Discover the most amazing national parks in the country

  • Bike the Golden Gate Bridge 

  • Hike in the incredible Yosemite National Park 

  • Rent a Powerboat on the Lake Powell 

  • Stay at a Luxury ranch in Moab 

  • Raft the Colorado River 

  • Fly over the Grand Canyon with an Helicopter 

  • Get Premium Seating at Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas

  • Learn how to surf at Santa Monica 

  • Have fun at Los Angeles Themes Parks

Duration:  21 Days / 20 Nights 


  • Day 1-3: San Francisco - Proper Hotel

  • Day 3-5: Yosemite- Evergreen Lodge

  • Day 5-6: Death Valley - Inn at Death Valley

  • Day 6-8: Zion - Zion Mountain Ranch

  • Day 8-9: Bryce Canyon - Under Canvas

  • Day 9-10: Capitol Reef - Capitol Reef Resort 

  • Day 10-12: Moab - Sorrel River Ranch 

  • Day 12-13: Monument Valley - The View Hotel

  • Day 13-15 Lake Powell - Hyatt Place

  • Day 15-16: Grand Canyon - The Grand Hotel 

  • Day 16-18: Las Vegas - Bellagio

  • Day 18-21: Los Angeles - London West Hollywood

Estimated Price: $5,400 per person

(Based on 2 Adults and 2 children/ Shared Activities)


Welcome to San Francisco ! Upon arrival, meet your chauffeur and ride privately to your hotel. 

San Francisco is the kind of quirky place where a fog-calling contest might compete for attention with gala balls marking the opening of the symphony, opera and ballet seasons. From Union Square to North Beach to Japantown, you’ll find intriguing neighborhoods at every turn. The writers of the Beat Generation, the hippies of the Summer of Love in the late 1960s and the gay and lesbian population contributed in making the city what it is today. San Francisco is also one of the world’s great dining destinations, thanks in part to the diverse cultural influences and proximity of fresh ingredients.

Night at: Proper Hotel SF - Premier 2 Double

Image by JD Gipson


After a morning at leisure, embark on an epic adventure on the Golden Gate. Ride with a guide along San Francisco’s stunning waterfront. Truly the best way to see the bay, this tour is perfect for families and individuals seeking an up close & personal look at our city’s most celebrated landmark.

Night at: Proper Hotel SF - Premier 2 Double

Image by Oxana Melis
Image by Sean D'Auria


This morning, pick-up your SUV in the city and drive to the beautiful Yosemite national park.

The jewel in the crown of California’s national parks, Yosemite National Park has been stunning visitors since the first two travelers laid eyes on it in 1855. Now, every year over 4 million people stand in awe of its unique natural treasures, which have been documented by everyone from early conservationist John Muir to legendary photographer Ansel Adams. Carved into the center of the Sierra Nevada Mountains by ancient geological forces, Yosemite’s splendor and biodiversity are so grand that it was even designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984.

Night at: Evergreen Lodge - Family Cabin 2 bedroom

Image by Sean D'Auria
Image by Trent Erwin


Explore the park at your own path. Yosemite is full of iconic landmarks. Marvel at the daring slopes of Half Dome, Yosemite’s nearly 2,700-meter trademark peak, and El Capitan, the largest single granite rock on Earth. Both sites lure rock climbers in droves (you’ll need to submit your name to a lottery if you’re hoping to climb Half Dome). If rock climbing isn’t on your to-do list, venture deeper into the park and visit the magnificent Yosemite Falls, the highest on the continent at nearly 740 meters. Or enjoy a relaxing stroll through Mariposa Grove, shaded by sequoia trees so tall that you can’t see the tops.

Night at: Evergreen Lodge - Family Cabin 2 bedroom

Image by Benni Talent


Today rive to one of the most intriguing national park and definitely one of the hottest destination in the world Death Valley. Silver miners and Twenty Mule Teams hauling borax in the late 1800s are long gone, but in their place are hordes of visitors from around the world eager to see the ghost towns and ranches they left behind. Among the desert, canyons and mountains of Death Valley National Park, many places are considered sacred to the native Timbisha Shoshone Indians. See a spring-fed waterfall, a miracle in the desert, at Darwin Falls, and marvel at the yuccas lining a valley at Lee Flat Joshua Tree.

Night at: Ranch at Death Valley - Casita 2 queen  



Today, drive to your private cabin located a few miles aways from the impressive Zion National Park. A hiker’s and photographer’s dream, Zion National Park may be located in the desert, but the terrain is anything but barren. Formed by millions of years of erosion, its exceptional rock formations, plethora of backcountry trails and unique wildlife beckon those seeking solitude and inspiration. The numerous canyons, animal communities and cultural sites within the park can be explored in any season, though spring and fall offer the best weather and most spectacular blooms.

Night at: Zion Mountain Ranch - 3 Bedroom Family Cabin



Enjoy a free day to explore Zion independently. 

Zion, the oldest of Utah’s five National Parks, was named after an ancient Hebrew word meaning “sanctuary.” The name is fitting: Zion National Park’s landscape, shaped by weather and the peaceful Virgin River, dazzles with 305-meter-high cream, pink and red cliffs that contrast the brilliant blue sky.These incredible sandstone rocks, which can be found just northeast of St. George in the southwest corner of the state, also awed 19th-century Mormon settlers. They gave the rocks names like Angel’s Landing, the Three Patriarchs, the West Temple and the Great White Throne. You can enjoy spectacular views of the park by following the trails that lead to these famous rocks and their outlooks. Or, for a closer look at the cliff walls, take a less strenuous hike through one of the park’s narrow slot canyons.

Night at: Zion Mountain Ranch - 3 Bedroom Family Cabin

Image by Ben Turnbull


Take a short Drive to Bryce Canyon National Park. 

Utah’s Bryce Canyon City is the gateway to Bryce Canyon National Park, a red-rock wonderland so awe-inspiring that even the best cameras have a hard time capturing its full brilliance. The landscape is so unique, legendary and mind-boggling that it requires standing next to it, inside of it and above it to appreciate its singular beauty. The contrasting colors, textures and rock layers make Bryce Canyon a paradise for photographers, hikers and families looking to reconnect with nature – and with each other.

Night at: Under Canvas Bryce Canyon - 2 Bedrooms suite Tents 



Drive to one of the most beautiful yet still secret Capitol Reef National Park. 

Even considering Utah’s many impressive national parks and monuments, it is difficult to rival Capitol Reef National Park’s sense of expansiveness, of broad, sweeping vistas, of a tortured, twisted, seemingly endless landscape, or of limitless sky and desert rock. While Bryce and Zion are like encapsulated little fantasy lands of colored stone and soaring cliffs, the less-visited Capitol Reef is almost like a planet unto itself. Here you get a real feel for what the earth might have been like before life appeared, when nothing existed but earth and sky.

Night at: Capitol Reef Resort - Balcony Room with 2 queen 


DAY 10

Continue your path on scenic road Byway 12 until you reach a land of wonders and possibilities; Moab. With easy access to thousands of square kilometers of amazing red rock landscapes waiting to be explored, Moab delivers nonstop fun and excitement for the entire family. While exploring the scenery of the American Southwest, visitors can relax and experience the small-town hospitality of the city, a world-famous base camp for mountain biking, hiking, four-wheel driving or river trips of any length and experience level.

Night at: Sorrel River Ranch - Mesa 2 Queen

Image by Abenteuer Albanien

DAY 11

Experience the Colorado River Rafting Adventure in Moab. This is a must-do adventure while in Moab. You'll experience a world-renowned stretch of the Colorado River, winding through scenes made famous by dozens of popular movies. Calm waters parts of your journey provide relaxation and some time to learn about the unique geology of Castle Valley. After you're accustomed to the river and ready for some fun, you'll experience Colorado River’s rapids with plenty of time to relax and swim in between… You'll savor an exclusive picnic lunch riverside ! 

Night at: Sorrel River Ranch - Mesa 2 Queen


DAY 12

Drive to one of the most recognizable landscape in the world; Monument Valley. 

An iconic symbol of the Southwestern USA, Monument Valley is a desert landscape punctuated by red sandstone formations, slender pinnacles and massive buttes straddles the Arizona-Utah state line about 508 kilometers north of Phoenix, Arizona.

Over millions of years, the forces of wind and water have sculpted this starkly fantastic land. It is part of the Navajo Nation, the near 7-million hectare home of the Navajo tribe. Early Hollywood filmmakers brought Monument Valley to the world’s attention with movies like Stagecoach starring John Wayne (1939). The region has been a star attraction for generations of travelers ever since.

Night at: The View Hotel - Valley View room 


DAY 13

Today, drive to the beautiful Lake Powell. 

Spread over 1.25 million acres, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is an outdoor haven, renown for its stunning scenery and geologic wonders, including the ever popular Lake Powell.

Set amid the deep canyons, rocky outcrops and spectacular scenery of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area you'll find Lake Powell, one of the most popular lakes in Arizona. The relatively narrow, 186-mile long body of water boasts a surface area of 162,600 acres and nearly 2,000 miles of meandering shoreline – making it the perfect destination for fishing, water sports, photography and all things outdoors.

Night at: Hyatt Place Page - Room with Views 


DAY 14

Head to the Marina and board your private rental boat and start exploring the lake at your own place. Lake Powell is one of the greatest water recreation spots on earth, brimming with ways to have fun on, and in the water. Explore scenic coves and canyons with a power boat or personal watercraft. Offers 150 hp outboard, good for cruising the lake, fishing, family fun.

Night at: Hyatt Place Page - Room with Views 


DAY 15

Today, drive to the Legendary Grand Canyon National Park. Both breathtaking and overwhelming at the same time, the 1.6-kilometer deep and 16-kilometer wide Grand Canyon is a testament to 2,000 million years of geological history. Nearly as alluring as the canyon is the powerful Colorado River snaking its way through Grand Canyon National Park, beckoning visitors to take short guided boat trips or a multiday adventure. Sign up for a ranger-led program to learn about geologic history, majestic birds of prey, animals living in the extreme environment and the area’s early inhabitants. Continuing a tradition that began with the ancestral Puebloan people, several tribes still call the Grand Canyon home.

Night at: The Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon - 2 Queen


DAY 16

This morning board an helicopter for an epic flight over the Grand Canyon before taking the road to Las Vegas. See the best of the Grand Canyon has to offer with this exhilarating and fly into the deepest and widest part of the Grand Canyon. The central region of the canyon, where the geography is the most diverse, has a width of nearly 11 miles across and is nearly a mile deep. With each layer of rock recording a different era in time, you’ll observe more than two billion years of geologic history just outside your window. Enjoy breathtaking views as you fly over the mighty Colorado River towards the canyon’s North Rim. 

Night at: Bellagio - Fountain View 2 Queen 

Image by Crosby Hinze

DAY 17

Recharge the battery after all your adventures in the west. In the evening, enjoy a magnificent Cirque du Soleil show. 

Las Vegas is a city that was made for entertainment, carved out of the Mojave Desert with escape in mind. Millions of people visit Las Vegas annually to relax, dine, shop, see performers, experience the nightlife and, of course, enjoy a go at the gaming tables.

Night at: Bellagio - Fountain View 2 Queen 

Image by Nathan DeFiesta

DAY 18

This morning, drive to your final destination; Los Angeles. Land of Hollywood glamour, surfer vibes and cultural icons Los Angeles is a city that presents you with many faces and distinctive neighborhoods, each offering something exciting. The city has so much going on that you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to explore. If you're after glamour, bustle and excitement, Los Angeles is the place for you.

Night at: London West Hollywood - Vista suite 2 double 


DAY 19

Get your fast track access to a world where dreams are actually coming true. Find a full day of action-packed entertainment all in one place: thrilling Theme Park rides and shows, a real working movie studio, and Los Angeles’ best shops, restaurants and cinemas at CityWalk. 

Night at: London West Hollywood - Vista suite 2 double 


DAY 20

This morning meet your private surf instructor at Santa Monica for a very special course.  This class will give you the confidence to handle yourself in the water and enjoy surfing. Lessons are designed for every level so whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned surfer, you will enjoy yourself.Before you know it, you’ll be up. Expect to catch a wave your first day.

Night at: London West Hollywood - Vista suite 2 double 

Image by Viviana Rishe

DAY 21

Drive to Los Angeles airport, drop-off your car rental and fly to your next destination. 

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