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Incentives Experiences 

Welcome to Las Vegas, where everything is possible. Bring your team in for an unforgettable an incredibly fun adventure

Check below a few of many ideas we have for your group.  

Image by Harley-Davidson

Harley Davidson Rental 

Who has never dreamed about doing a Harley Davidson road trip in western America?

Surrounded by deserts, natural wonders and iconic roads. Las Vegas is the perfect departure point for your adventure. Drive through the Mojave Desert, go around the lake mead or ride the Valley Fire, the possibilities are limitless. 

Starting at $280  per bike 

Image by Noah Loffredo

Valley of Fire Buggy Race 

This Tour takes you through the Logandale trail system that brings you into and through the most picturesque parts of the Valley of Fire. This custom made buggies are easy to drive and a perfect way to take a ride in the Valley of Fire. The area you'll be riding in has been featured by numerous magazines as one of the top off-road riding areas in the United States. This wonder of nature can only be described as breathtaking.

Starting at $1,019  per buggy


Private Lakeshore picnic 

A great stop along your Harley Davidson road trip. Let us set up a fun barbecue picnic on the Lake shore for you while you relax enjoying breathtaking view. Boat rental for some more fun can be arranged 

Starting at $6,000


Private Penthouse Reception 

Uncompromising design. Incomparable attention to detail. Incredible views. Stunning penthouse suites tells its own distinct story. Enjoy all of that for a few hours of open bar and chef appetizers while watching the sun set after a long day 

Starting at $10,000

Image by Dusan Kipic

Private Poker and Black Jack room

Gamble time ! Get your private poker and or black jack room and get the friendly competition begin. The winner takes it all ! 

Rate upon Request


Shooting competition

Put the video game controller down, get off your couch, and experience the real rush of a Black Ops Mission. The Black Ops shooting experience is an adrenaline rush with some of the most powerful guns used by real black ops teams. Shoot a fully automatic MP5, M4, SAW, and a Glock to get the real first-person shooter experience.

Starting at $180 per person

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