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World Connexion Travel

Welcome to the United States

Wilderness, Freedom & Luxury, the United States are a limitless land of possibilities.

World Connexion, a human size & dedicated Destination Management Company (DMC), is proud to welcome you in this world of Adventures and Well-Being.

Luxury Travel Specialist by nature, we offer personalized trips in the United States including Hawaii, the Bahamas & the Caribbean. Our dedicated & passionate team create the most customized vacations ever with unbeatable flexibility and sense of service!

Enjoy luxurious accommodations, private and unique experiences with local experts, exclusive and VIP access to major art, sports & cultural events.

New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco… Art, Fashion, Culture, History, Natural Wonders…The USA offers you such diversity with endless possibilities…. There is something to do and see for everyone. Just ask and come get the country of opportunities and possibilities. Even the sky is not a limit anymore! 

"Everything is possible"

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