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Your Luxury DMC in the USA

Wilderness, Freedom & Luxury, the United States are a limitless land of possibilities.

World Connexion, a human size & dedicated Destination Management Company (DMC), is proud to welcome you in this world of Wonders, Adventures and Well-Being.

Luxury Travel Specialist by nature, we offer Tailor-made trips in the United States. Our dedicated & passionate team create the most personalized journeys with unbeatable flexibility and sense of service!

Enjoy luxurious accommodations, private and unique experiences with local experts, exclusive and VIP access to major art, sports & cultural events.

Who Are we ? 

A Small & Dedicated Team to every of your needs, World Connexion Travel offers unique and personalized luxury experiences.

On Honeymoon, with your friends, family or your business associates we plan & organize the most customized trips based on your interests.

New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco… Art, Fashion, Culture, History, National Parks…The USA are offers us such diversity and endless possibilities…. 


Our Differences

Proud Member of Serandipians network for more than 10 years, World Connexion is the only Luxury DMC with offices on the East and West coast of the country to better serve your guests.

Thanks to our European sense of service, we know the difference between the requests and expectations. We know all our guests by name and communicate with them regularly during their journey. 

As most of our clients are coming from Overseas, we understand better than anyone all the challenges of a long trip to get to the USA. We are always Happy to help. 

Online Reservation System

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ConneXPro by World Connexion is your online reservation system.

Either you are in a rush or just need to make a quick and efficient hotel reservation but don't want to loose the onsite services of a DMC. ConneXpro is made for you. 

Choose and book with confidence directly from our large selection of hotels in the United States. Add requests such as airport transfers, car rental and activities, World Connexion will take care of the rest. 

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